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We have a few openings available for Reliable, Energetic Cleaning Professionals who are looking to add more clients to their schedule within a 15-30 mile radius of Dallas, Texas.

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      Clients book online or over the phone

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      ESC assigns the cleanings to cleaners based on their availability.

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      you will receive that client's address, the time/date of the cleaning,

    Area Compatibility

    You can work within a 15-30 mile radius of Dallas, Texas

    Unlimited PTO

    We provide holiday to our employee whenever needed

    Licensed, Bonded & Insured

    We are a company who is 100% secure licensed and insured

    Why you should work with us?

    We focus on Both clients and our employee. Our aim is to become Dallas Fort Worth best cleaning company and we will scale our company to other regions as well as soon as possible
    • We are very friendly to work with
    • You will be treated our family member
    • You will be given  holidays as per your needs
    • you will be paid with transparency
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    We are looking forward to work with you

    What do we expect from you

    You are expected to make a great impression with your warm, energetic personality as you do the initial walk-through with the client, setting expectations, taking pictures of potential trouble areas and pointing them out to the client, and confirming their priorities.
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